Ten volumes

Christianity’s Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner

(Original title: Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums)


Volume 1. The Early Period (1986)

From Old Testament origins to the death of St. Augustine (430).

Volume 2. Late Antiquity (1989)

From the Catholic ‘children emperors’ to the extermination of the Arian Vandals and Ostrogoths under Justinian I (527-565).

Volume 3. The Ancient Church (1990)

New Testament forgery, relic cheating, book burning and the annihilation of paganism.

Read some translated sections
from the first three volumes
(PDF: here).

Volume 4. Early Middle Ages (1994)

From King Clovis (ca. 500) to the death of Charlemagne (814).

Volume 5. Ninth and Tenth Centuries (1997)

From Louis the Pious (814) to the death of Otto III (1002).

Volume 6. Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries (1999)

From Emperor Henry II (1002) to the end of the Third Crusade (1192)

Volume 7. Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries (2002)

From Emperor Henry VI (1190) to the death of Louis IV of Bavaria (1347).

Volume 8. Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (2004)

From the exile of the popes in Avignon to the Peace of Augsburg.

Volume 9. Middle of 16th Century to the Beginning of 18th Century (2008)

From the Discovery of the New World to the Beginning of the Enlightenment.

Volume 10. Late 18th Century and Perspectives on the Aftermath (2013)

More than a quarter-century after the first volume’s publication, Deschner completed his work (and he died in 2014, at ninety!). The tenth and last volume covers the decline of the papacy and the gradual separation of church and state. Alas, after that Christian ethics mutated into liberalism in the 19th century, and after World War II into an anti-white ideology. See the masthead of The West’s Darkest Hour to understand the original, Judaic roots of the tragedy.

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