A body-snatched Spaniard, 1

A still photo from the film
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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It’s incredible what a broke guy does to get out of poverty. After the tragedy that occurred in my family, the central subject of my series of books Hojas Susurrantes, I ended up without profession or a job. Through the internet I met a woman from an island just off the southwest coast of mainland Morocco, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Teresa proposed marrying me so that I may obtain work permit in Spain. Though we never married, and although there was never intimacy between us, Teresa initiated the paperwork as if she was my employer so that, with time, I could obtain work permit. Since I originally believed that this was altruistic help I accepted in order to break away from my family’s future inheritance and, finally, be free to publish my Hojas Susurrantes about them.

So I embarked on an adventure to this island just about sixty miles west from Africa. Neither Teresa (“Tere”) nor I suspected that the 2008-2009 economic crisis that hit Spain would severely worsen during the time I stayed there. Thousands of the island’s citizens lost their jobs. I was not even a Canarian and under those circumstances I lived ten months in the island.

Ironically, thanks to the unemployment I educated myself. I used those long months to read lots of articles in the blogosphere about the Islamization of Europe, and even about the possible extinction of the white race. I basically entered Gran Canaria as a liberal and left it as a racialist. Since, in good faith, I always talk about my projects and readings, I committed the mistake of telling Tere that I was involved in the counter-jihad movement; that is, the movement in the blogosphere concerned about the islamization of the West.

What a blunder… In the following months that I lived in Tere’s flat, unable to get out for lack of a job in a broke Spain, Tere harassed me with phone calls, e-mails and, when she visited her native island (she works in Madrid), even personally. But I’m getting ahead of our story.

The days in which Tere gave me a tour through the island I witnessed how she approached the employees of the shops with questions in very bad mood. When I confronted her about this sort of behavior she replied that we were too susceptible; that she was a courageous woman and that the people simply misunderstand her passion. In a couple of e-mails she told me that her moods formed part of “her always critical and questioning nature.” She also wrote:

“It’s true that I can be very intense or passionate in discussions, something that some people misinterpret as irritation or anger.”

In these entries we will see what these “misinterpretations” really were, and why I consider her case a perfect paradigm to understand those cases of Western self-hatred that our current models—Jewish problem, “economics over race” policies, and the moral grammar that comes with our parents’ religion—simply cannot account for.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 2

Why do I use my time in something apparently so irrelevant like writing about the hysterias of a leftist woman? Simple reason: because we lack what in The Divided Self Laing called a “science of the persons.”

After Romanticism the genre of confessional autobiography cropped up. Unfortunately, by pretending to approach the subject on the basis of abstract principles, psychoanalysis, academic psychology and psychiatry usurped the study of the inner self and approached our souls from the impossible viewpoint of objectivism. This category error permeates the academia: to understand concrete people it’s necessary a subjective history of the person.

Oliver Sacks recognizes this in his area of expertise, neurology. In a recent entry in another of my blogs in Spanish I refer to Sacks’ Musicophilia. And in another of his very acclaimed books, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Sacks complained that in classical neurology we will find a thousand descriptions of the pathologies that correspond to the left hemisphere of the brain for a single pathology about the right hemisphere. He adds:

And yet, as Luria says, they are of the most fundamental importance. So much so that they may demand a new sort of neurology, a “personalistic,” or (as Luria liked to call it) a “romantic,” science; for the physical foundations of the persona, the self, are here revealed for our study. Luria thought a science of this kind would be best introduced by a story—a detailed case-history.

Sacks approaches the hardware problems of the despised right hemisphere of the brain, the hemisphere of the emotions; Laing, on the other hand, approached software problems: the cognitive distorsions through which some see the world. Sacks’ field of study is the damaged brain. Laing’s field, like my own, are the damaged minds. One studies the hardware, the other the software. In another of my blogs I have delved deeper into it.

So why do I post a long entry about a leftist that I met, a woman with no societal influence except her vote to Zapatero’s party? Because the best way to illustrate the failures of judgment should be, according to Laing and Sacks, personalistic.

In the psychology departments I wouldn’t be allowed to enter into this type of incursion about a non-notable person. I would like to quote Sacks again to illustrate this astronomical mistake in academic psychology. In the chapter about the man who, due to a neurological problem—his eyesight abilities were healthy—mistook his wife for a hat, Sacks wrote:

Neurology and psychology, curiously, though they talk of everything else, almost never talk of “judgment.” And yet, judgment is the most important faculty we have. An animal, or a man, may get on very well without “abstract attitude” but will speedily perish if deprived of judgment. Judgment must be the first faculty of higher life or mind—yet it is ignored, or misinterpreted, by classical (computational) neurology. And if we wonder how such an absurdity can arise, we find it in the assumptions, or the evolution, of neurology itself. For classical neurology (like classical physics) has always been mechanical. Of course, the brain is a machine and a computer—everything in classical neurology is correct. But our mental processes are not just abstract and mechanical, but personal, as well—and, as such, involve not just classifying and categorizing, but continual judging and feeling also. If this is missing, we become computer-like, as Dr P. was.

“Doctor P.” was the curious patient who, due to a neurological problem that made him to forget what human faces were, mistook his wife for a hat. (In the above quotation I didn’t use ellipsis between the unquoted phrases.) What Sacks says after the above quote hits the nail:

By a sort of comic and awful analogy, our current cognitive neurology and psychology resemble nothing so much as poor Dr P.! Our cognitive sciences are themselves suffering from an agnosia essentially similar to Dr P.’s. Dr P. may therefore serve as a warning and parable—of what happens to a science which eschews the judgmental, the particular, the personal, and becomes entirely abstract and computational.

As a remedy to this hemiplegic neurology, Sacks recommends the study of the brain’s right hemisphere. Nevertheless, unlike the left hemisphere, the right one cannot be studied with IQ-like tests, but through personalized case-histories. Sacks thus illustrates the neurological dysfunctions in the diverse areas of the right hemisphere. His work showed me stuff about the mind that I hadn’t fully digested a few years ago when I read another of his books, An Anthropologist on Mars. Incidentally, all of my Sacks books were gifts by Tere! On this one I must be grateful to her…

The above are key quotations to make my point. Just as present-day neurology is hemiplegic, academic psychology is hemiplegic too. While a few psycho-biographies about the pathologies of politicians are available, it is considered improper to analyze a casual acquaintance.

I believe that this is a gigantic mistake, as my study of Tere will demonstrate. To analyze a far-leftist bitch like her is, in the “software,” the “hardware” equivalent of analyzing the brain lobe of someone who mistakes his wife for a hat.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 3

After a few days of my arrival overseas Teresa welcomed me with the comment that she had felt ecstatic, making a face of ecstasy precisely, when she learnt about Al Qaeda’s attacks in New York, almost an existential orgasm. As I said, Spain in general and the Canary islands in particular were economically broke during my stay in Las Palmas. This meant that, having purchased only a round-trip ticket that only allowed me to stay a week in Spain, after the week passed I could use it no more to flee from her place. This meant nothing less that the person who had to pay my bills was someone I hated. Most frustrating was that, for political reasons, I could not transmit an iota of my real feelings to her. With the recession hitting Spain I had fallen into a grotesque state of dependency…

In those times I complained that the white people is becoming extinct. Thirty percent of the world’s population when my grandma was born. Now whites are half or less of it and the current trends continue for further dilution in a sea of the coloreds. Saying this openly over the internet, in addition to my Jeremiads against the Islamization of Europe, enraged Tere who uttered: “Races do not exist!”

Tere never married and she never talks about love. When I mentioned Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as one of my favorite films Tere said she disliked it because, according to her, it was a male chauvinist film. I annotated exactly what she told me in another occasion by the end of August of 2009: “I look at it [the family] as something always negative… I wish there’d be none.” I also annotated this other gem: “I abominate the family. I believe that the family is always harmful” (her emphasis).

Society doesn’t allow us to speak in harsh terms about our parents. I agree with her on this one. And I also agree that many families, although not all, are harmful. But Tere completely overstates her case, as we shall see.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 4

A page from my personal diary:

On Sunday Tere cleaned the bathroom tub after the maid had cleaned it last Thursday. I had also cleaned it, concerned about her spruceness. Then Tere gave me a great speech about a small plastic trash bag. That we shouldn’t throw it out unless it was full of trash, in spite of the fact that remains of smelly food stick inside it.

4 September

Tere just told me: “I don’t understand how can you complain [in your book] that people didn’t want to listen to you if you yourself don’t listen!” And—another speech about the same trash bag about which I wrote a couple of days ago! Go figure: the crazy woman compares it with my autobiographical complains that my family didn’t listen the abused teen that I was! That I didn’t listen her that all garbage goes in a single (and already used) bag, and that she feels very bad that I don’t pay attention to her.

How could I pay attention to such a gigantic stupidity! I was correcting the syntax of Conservative Swede’s text that I will publish in my blog and… boom! The crazy woman irrupts in my bedroom talking again about the same trash bag of a couple of days ago as a paramount issue. That she had to tell me she feels really bad that I don’t listen to her, and that I didn’t pay attention about the same damned trash bag that we should make use of. I simply threw it out along with the garbage inside it but she obliged me to pick it back so that, after a few more days, it got really stuffed.

There’s no question: Tere will pay for this. As soon as I can flee I’ll expose her. If I don’t react now it’s because I’m living at her place. I couldn’t get a plane ticket until the 22nd of this month. I’d like to re-schedule before that!

This woman is crazy as a goat. Just look at the difference of striving to understand the Swede’s political ideas and the drama that, in various days, Tere did about a single trash bag. That the poor woman feels bad about the ecological waste, waffle waffle. And now that I write these words Tere is doing a super-super-cleaning of her flat, which the maid had already left fairly clean a few days ago.

The picture gets clearer every day: hysteric women clean their exteriors because they cannot see the shit and the Alien embryos inlaid in them (as in Ridley Scott’s only good film). Who could tell that, even without harassing me about my political views (I asked her not to do it again), there would be problems nonetheless? And everything because of a single fucking trash bag, that I had purchased with my own money with a package of plastic bags!

People are crazy.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 5

Concrete block for a brain

The fuss that Tere raised through the months in which I lived in her flat had much to do with my concern about the Islamization of Europe. No matter how much I talked about the infamies in the Muslim world—female genital mutilation, honor killings (it’s not uncommon that Muslim parents kill a rebellious young daughter), the killing of the apostates who leave Islam, alarming polls on Muslims who want Koranic law throughout Europe and so on—, my words not only made no impression on her mind. Tere hardened her heart and gnashed her teeth against me. Before her eyes, Islam was as good or as bad as Christianity. In other words, Tere is a perfect example of one of the most serious aberrations of the West: cultural relativism.

I’ll abstain talking about relativism. I rather quote a commenter of Gates of Vienna. The following is a comment about the article “Leftist Lemmings”. Decatur said:

Laine is right about the concrete blocks these Leftists have as heads. Try as I might I simply cannot get past a certain point when attempting to understand precisely what it is that draws Left-wingers to support Islamists. I know women who have been active and committed feminists for over 40 years, but who still turn a blind eye to Islamic treatment of women. If I put forward an instance of oppression they retort with American oppression. This is as far as it goes, and eventually I’m met with obstinacy and a sullen silence. At this point I’m reaching for Laine’s hammer and nails!

But of course: neither Tere nor the women that Decatur mentions are willing to nail the most incisive facts into their minds. For example, Tere was absolutely dishonest with herself when I insisted to screw into her brains the realities of genital mutilation performed on Moorish teens. She simply talked about the abuses on Canary women—as if it were the same to castrate and kill them and what happens in her island!

In despair, I gave Tere the original Spanish, printed version of my El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl, which is being translated chapter-by-chapter in Gates of Vienna: a demolition of cultural relativism. What did Tere do? Repeatedly she told me she had read it.

She either lied to me or did a “reading in the dark.”

A few days after she claimed having read the book, Tere gave me several newspaper articles about relativism in Spain. I was astonished since Tere hadn’t said a word about my arguments throughout my book: arguments that precisely debunked the relativist stance. For instance, Tere didn’t say anything about the comparison I do of the traditions and costumes of the Aztecs vis-à-vis the Spaniards’ traditions and costumes. My most incisive nails didn’t enter into Tere’s hard mental system.

Before dying, Oriana Fallaci wrote a trilogy about the Muslim invasion that Europe has endured since the end of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st. Considering that Fallaci had been a extreme lefty journalist, she raised the question: Why do leftists side Islam?

In this series about another woman, Tere, whose concrete block for a brain doesn’t cease to surprise me, I’ll try to crack the cipher.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 6

Teresa is a morruda woman: an old Canary word for “stubborn as a mule.” On July 12, 2009 Tere made a few phone-call confessions that confirmed my previous impressions. She told me: “I don’t care if society collapses.”

This is a great key to understand this woman. Some intuitive psychologists are saying that the motive of the leftists isn’t a magnanimous liberalism that looks after the welfare of everybody, but the destruction of the societies in which the leftists live.

The first intellectual that I read claiming this was Jean-François Revel, the well-known French polemicist, thanks to a visit he paid to Mexico City in 1990. I won’t enter into political detail. My goal is to analyze the pathology of leftist people on the basis of a new psychological model. Precisely because Tere recognizes that she hadn’t had, like I had in Mexico, “a golden stage”—these were her words: I wrote them down when she phoned me—, she didn’t suffer from any “longing” of remote happiness. But the crux came when she confessed she feels toward her society exactly what I feel toward my father: betrayal.

There’s the rub. This explains beautifully why Teresa hates the Old Spain in particular and the West in general. After the parental aggression, nobody in the Spanish society of the late 1960s and early 70s defended her. At twelve her father and mother beat Tere with a belt. The girl fell to the floor (a confessional YouTube video in which I recount how I was martyrized as a teen moved Tere to phone me and confess this that same day of July). Tere also witnessed how her cousin was beaten. And when Tere, the eldest of her siblings, wanted to become more independent her parents resorted to this method, the beatings. One day, in the family’s car, Teresa’s mother strongly grabbed her by the hair. During that phone call she confessed that a knot was formed in her throat when, by watching my videos, she remembered her own past. The videos triggered her memories and touched a raw nerve.

In the past my autobiographical confessions could be watched in thirty videos. An elemental question comes to one’s mind: Why did I react in a noble way before my trauma at home while other people react so ignobly, wishing that “everything collapses,” as Tere put it?

The key to understand it could be found in the words of Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for literature the very year that Paz invited Jean-François Revel to speak on the Mexican TV. Paz was a secular humanist but illuminated me by claiming, I believe in El Ogro Filantrópico, that the Mexican commies “voluntarily surrendered themselves to evil,” and that this old Christian term admirably explained their psychology.

Besides her incredible stubbornness, in the next entries we will see how Tere, instead of using her past suffering to redeem her soul, uses it to enter the dark side.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 7

Diary of 30 July, 2009

The day past yesterday the stupid woman told me in her home that the West’s scum had conquered Australia. I responded that it was the same Black legend against Spain in the New World. She answered that it was evident that her country’s scum had gone to New Spain too.

I come here to my diary because this last anecdote reveals that Teresa is either (1) an evil person or that (2) she is completely crazy. She says that she read my book El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl from cover to cover. Good Lord!: What kind of reading could that possibly have been? Because of her comment it’s terribly clear what it means “reading in the dark”. Who cares that the good-natured Bernal Díaz del Castillo and company were commoners when the Mesoamerican Amerindians sacrified their own children? Tere has never, ever criticized these practices, which I mention ad nauseam in my book, or the Australian cannibals in spite of the fact that I talk about them since the Preface!

Incredible… For Tere’s twisted mind once Evil is located (Evil = The West), there’s no historical data that moves the believer to stop projecting her own childhood pathologies onto the external world. A couple of days ago, during an unfriendly discussion about Islam, I behaved as always: like a lamb, so as not to endanger my trip back to Mexico. But the interesting thing is that Tere, obviously a woman, sees no sin—not at all!—in what the Muslims do to their women despite of my numerous talks about honor killings, genital cutting, wife battering as the Koran stipulates…

She always relativizes. For instance, recently she showed me a newspaper article that compared a schizophrenic to an assassin. Since Tere knows that in my webpage I say that those diagnosed as schizophrenic are not more dangerous than sane people, without statistical basis she claimed it must be exactly the same—with Muslims! In other words: she’s under the impression that, if the papers publish a note about a forced marriage of a Muslim girl, it is simply because the press wants to demonize them! Without stats of any sort whatsoever she imagines that the criminality rates are the same between whites and Muslims. There’s no way that Tere can see what happens in the Muslim world even with hard data such as how women are treated in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

She always argues angrily, as if my stance pisses her off. She gave me an article about a Middle East affair—as if I wasn’t stuffed to the top with such kind of info for decades!

I have told her a thousand times that I know the leftist ways. I have told her a thousand times that the leftist ideology was my education both at school and in my immediate environment in Mexico. My testimony got into one of her ears only to get out from the other! It’s she the one who doesn’t want to read information that contradicts her. For example, Tere doesn’t want to read a book about Islam that has been translated to Spanish, a book I recommended her so much: Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept. Tere calls Bawer, a homosexual who fled the US in search for even more liberal cities like Amsterdam and Oslo, a facha (Spanish slang for fascist) only because he exposes the Islamization of Europe…

Teresa is a clinical case of the enemy within, a more serious enemy than Muslims.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 8

Tere’s decadent family

Teresa has two brothers: Jorge and José. In the island I met one of them, and Tere talked a lot about the baby of the other. Of the three siblings only one of them, in his middle or late forties, has bred: a single baby when I visited the island. According to Tere, only until her father died her brother decided to reproduce. His former reluctance to do it had been a vengeance because of the father’s abusive conduct long ago: he didn’t want to give his (now late) father any grandson.

The other brother, the one that I met, was even worse for the survival of our ethnic group. Like Tere, he has zero kids. I also met his good-looking wife, a blond and slim woman. Like many other Europeans this comparatively old couple refuses to breed.

If Europe will die it’s precisely because of people like Tere’s family. In fact, that family is a perfect paradigm to understand not only Spain’s decadence, but also Europe’s decadence in general. It goes without saying that—the truth that made Tere so mad at me—if Europeans stop having children, they will gradually dilute to the point of extinction. The Third World newcomers from different ethnic groups who are massively arriving have a very different national project. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony that the Moors reconquered Spain?

Europe’s decadent ethos was manifested in a dinner I shared with Tere, her non-reproductive brother, and their elderly mother in a Las Palmas restaurant. This brother has a handsome job in the bank and lives in a privileged zone of the island (unlike “La Feria” neighborhood where I lived, where, without a car, it was a pain in the ass to reach my beloved beach). Speaking freely, the banker informed me that, as a hobby, he used his time to travel throughout the world recounting his adventures in diverse countries, including exotic African countries. Since the first days in the island I learned that some of Tere’s friends did exactly the same: instead of using the money of their well-paid professions to rise families, they have absolutely zero descendants. They used their resources for international travels or for mundane pleasures avoiding all commitment with the future of our civilization.

“Nations are born Stoic and die Epicurean,” wrote Will Durant about a decadent Rome which practiced infanticide because it didn’t want to have children anymore. Europe has fallen into a nihilistic Epicureism and is moving inexorably toward its demographic dilution. This said, unlike Tere her canary acquaintances were very kind people, far kinder than the inhabitants of Mexico City that I see everyday. Unlike Tere, these Canary people didn’t gnash their teeth when listening to someone talk about Western decadence. They do what they do because that is the fashionable ethos in Europe. Likewise, and also unlike Tere, her friends and relatives and neighbors that I met weren’t far leftists. One of her neighbors even listened my badmouthing about Negro and Moor immigration into the Canary islands, and she agreed.

* * *

On July 22, 2009 an angry Tere rushed into my bedroom. She had just seen my entry quoting Fjordman, a Norwegian blogger in the counter-jihad movement. In the living room Tere had just exclaimed something when she found, reading my blog in her laptop, my translation of a Fjordman paragraph before rushing into my room to confront me.

The above-mentioned woman with whom I’d talked about Negro immigration (not a girlfriend, just a friend) that I met in Las Palmas knew of my misfortunes with Teresa. She told me that she should respect me; that if people are politically different, the simple thing to do is to keep the distance; not crossing over the line of direct confrontation.

I iterate that Tere knew the internet addresses of my blogs and of my YouTube channel. Even remaining silent about my last video or entry she found them in order to immediately take issue with me. Her intromissive attitude was so evident that, like a scolding mom, she asked me to remove the links that connected my webpage to my blogs! She asked that more than once. She hated every link between my anti-psychiatric activism, which she liked, and my political ideas.

Obviously I didn’t remove the links. By the way, the Fjordman phrase which provoked Tere when she rushed into my bedroom is so true. Today, Amsterdam and Rotterdam resemble more Islamist enclaves than European cities and, like Tere’s own family, the native Dutch are diluting their ethny more and more…

Europe is no longer Europe. It looks more like what Fjordman calls Eurabia. If Tere reaches old age she will surely witness, and even suffer, the sad truth that Fjordman was right.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 9

What causes hatred of the West

On August 6, 2009 Teresa revealed her true colors. It escaped from her lips the utterance that she liked the current Moorish invasion of Spain to weaken the Roman Catholic Church. She further said that decades ago married women couldn’t get out of Spain without their husbands’ permission; that women didn’t reach voting age until their 21 years; and that they were as traumatized at forty or fifty as the Muslim women whose clitoris have been cut: something blatantly untrue, as it can be inferred from what I posted those months in the original incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour. Tere also said “Divide and conquer!” referring to dividing the Christian community to be able to conquer it.

It was pointless to discuss with her. It was all too clear that we were living in parallel universes. In Tere’s mind, hatred of the Old Spain is but a personal vendetta of how she was treated as a child. On the other hand, my preoccupation about the Islamization of Europe represented the most elemental wish of preserving white civilization. Since it’s so mean to elaborate a worldview on the basis of a personal vendetta—vendetta as women understand it!—, the parallel universes César/Tere never contacted each other: we were condemned to a colossal mutual hostility.

Since by August I still couldn’t get away from her, and since that very month she stayed in her Las Palmas flat and the harassment continued, I argued with her on the basis of the Lebanon experience. I told her that Gaddafi had said publicly that the Moors will conquer Europe thanks to massive immigration (just what happened in Lebanon). I told her that such immigration was a Trojan Horse in Europe’s soil. But between the Moors and the Christians, Tere, a Spaniard of Christian origin, seemed to prefer the Moors. During that evening, taking into account Tere’s obsession with Francoist Spain, I tried to convey the idea that by preferring Stalin over Franco, something that the Spanish republicans did in the 1930s, they had chosen a remedy worse than traditional religion. Tere responded that she wasn’t sure: that if Republican Spain had won, the outcome could have been something like Cuba. I responded that in Cuba the people are not allowed to leave the island, while even the political dissidents could leave Franco’s Spain. Tere argued that women could only leave the country with their husband’s permission, and that all invasions are morally wrong. I answered that it hadn’t been the same the Muslim invasion to India than the British one: the Muslim Invasion to India has been the bloodiest page of history. Tere replied that it was not the same epoch. I responded with the paradigm of Rome’s invasion to Carthage and the burning of Carthaginian children by their own parents, in order to demonstrate that it’s far worse being sacrificed to Moloch by one’s own parents than being defeated by the Romans.

Tere couldn’t reply to this argument and she went back to sleep. But the fact that I had to continue the discussion along the same wasted line only showed, once more, that Tere didn’t read my book; that she is a liar or that she “reads” books without registering their substance. Those arguments of mine had been plainly iterated in El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl. Tere had watched my YouTube video about the Carthaginian child sacrificed by their parents. This means she didn’t only read “in the dark” my book, which printed copy I had given to her: she had also ignored the substance of my ten-minute video.

In the mornings I used to take a cup of coffee in a shop. The Spanish coffee is delicious and I always asked the same “leche y leche”: a strong coffee with normal milk and also with condensed, sweetened milk. The female neighbor who talked to me about Tere once told me—:

“She is so wrong…!”

—when I told her that Tere loved immigration. Unlike Tere, who likes to read a lot, my friend was a pretty unsophisticated woman. But she was right.

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A body-snatched Spaniard, 10

The Franco-reductionism

Like every leftist woman, Teresa delivers into what Orwell called “a memory hole” the substance of the argument of those concerned about the suicide of Europe. When she discovered yet another of my YouTube videos and sent me the most furious e-mails, I responded by posting an entry in my Spanish blog where I quoted the Spanish moderator of a TV internet program, which I now translate:

If for example I tell you that by the end of the century Europe will be Muslim, you will say: “Gimme a break. That’s impossible.” Well: I will ask our guests tonight because that could be the current tendency. Or that Europe dies—but literally, demographically; that the replacement rate is no more. That is to say: that Europe dies indeed. And Spain, perhaps, would be the paradigm.

Teresa doesn’t read English well, the language where one can find most info about this subject. Since she declined to read Bawer’s translated book, I linked the above Spanish program in an entry to make me feel a little better.

If Tere was a reasonable person, she’d have addressed the arguments and information of the intellectuals, especially what Florentino Portero said. What did Tere do? Under a sockpuppet, the next day she posted a comment typical of her way of thinking, transforming the debate into her Francoist obsession.

Months before Tere had amused me when I mentioned I was reading a book, Hernán Cortés, by Salvador de Madariaga: a very well known Spanish intellectual. In 1936 de Madariaga exiled himself in England after the Spanish Civil War broke, where he opposed the Francoist dictatorship. Tere did a cursory Google search and… she was already invalidating my reading of the Cortés with the argument that de Madariaga could be rightwing!

Just look the way leftist people think out. First, Tere places an author under a false category on the basis of a sloppy Google search. Then, based on that fallacious category, she further commits a fallacy upon another one: invalidating de Madariaga’s study on the Conquest of Mexico because the author was “rightwing.” In this way Tere dismissed a study about which she hadn’t read a single page! But let’s go back to Tere’s comment in my entry about Florentino Portero. Under the sockpuppet of Tsunami she wrote: “All they [Portero et al] had to add was: Hail Spain! Long live to Franco! For God’s empire!”

Tere’s Franco-reductionism doesn’t cease to surprise me but through the time I had to deal with her, she constantly did this sort of associations. The report of Portero’s think-tank group that Tere related to Franco was about (1) the Islamization of Europe, and (2) the demographic dilution of the native people. Taking a leap from the addressed subject in the video and the written report to something that was not even mentioned in passing, Francoism, speaks volumes about the mental universe in which Tere inhabits.

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