Hunter, 8


Excerpted from
William Pierce’s novel

“Damned right! Look, I can deal with organized crime; with the Israeli secret police, now that I’ve got them whittled down to size, with your much-appreciated help; with Black rioters; and with political terrorists of all sorts, either individually or in groups. But I can’t take on the whole country at once. At least, I’m not prepared to do that yet. The general public has to be kept more or less pacified, more or less in line. And it’s the mass media which do that. It’s the soaps and the situation comedies and the game shows and the ball games and their favorite news commentators. As long as the media are telling them that they ought to put up with the present economic difficulties without complaining, that’s what most of them will do. But if the media start telling them that they’re being screwed and that they ought to start making a fuss, there’ll be hell to pay.

”And I can’t do anything about that. What do you think would happen if I started rounding up all of the Jews in the news and entertainment media? I’ll tell you what would happen. There wouldn’t be any news and entertainment media left. There’s no way I can replace all of those Jewish editors and publishers and scriptwriters and directors and program managers and producers—no way. The whole industry is riddled with them, at every level, and it’d take years to replace them with Gentiles. The machine would come to a halt. The TV screens would go blank. The natives would become very restless. I don’t like it any more than you do, but I’m willing to face facts and you don’t seem to be able to. And the fact is that, for better or for worse, the media control the vast majority of the people in this country. They tell them what to think and how to behave, and for the most part that’s what the people do. Right now that’s for the better. I don’t want it to become for the worse.”

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