Hunter, 7


Excerpted from
William Pierce’s novel

I just believe that it will be a very hard job and the result won’t be enough to make a decisive difference. Remember, this used to be Caldwell’s audience. Their religion is not based on idealism, it’s based on the idea of getting into heaven, of getting a share of the pie in the sky, by and by. They’ve been taught that Jesus hates racists, that racists don’t go to heaven. You would not only have to turn that belief around, but you would have to make idealists out of people who are essentially self-indulgent materialists.

“C’mon, Harry,” Oscar responded testily, “you don’t really believe we’re the only people in the country who give a damn.”

“No, I don’t. Millions of people—maybe as much as a quarter of the White population—are very unhappy about the way things are going. Not everyone believes what he’s told to believe. A lot of them would cheer if the earth would open and swallow every queer, every Jew, and every Black—but not one in ten thousand has the gumption or the guts to do anything to make that happen. They’ll make no sacrifices and take no chances, so what they believe isn’t all that important. It’s not for lack of the right ideas that our race is going under; it’s for lack of character.”

“I won’t argue with your last statement,” Oscar responded, “but I don’t agree with your statistics. I don’t believe that men like that secretary’s husband with the shotgun are as rare as you think. I believe that there’re thousands more like him, and that they’d respond just as forcefully if we could motivate them. And then, after those thousands had set the example, hundreds of thousands more would come out of the woodwork.”

“Well, I may be a little too pessimistic, but you’re way too optimistic,” Harry came back. “The only time you’ll find hundreds of thousands of White Americans turning on their enemies is when they’re convinced that it’s absolutely safe to do so. When there’s a Jew hanging from every lamp post, and they’re sure there’s no danger and it won’t cost them anything, they’ll come out and spit on the bodies, but that’s about all you can count on them for.”

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