Hunter, 4


Excerpted from
William Pierce’s novel

First and foremost… was it an intrinsic flaw in Western civilization, was it the Jews, or was it a combination of things?

One could always find the facts about the extermination of the kulaks in the Ukraine or the slaughter of the Polish officer corps in the Katyn Forest in the libraries, in scholarly works and government reports, but never in anything that might affect public opinion. Now that’s out in the open—but none of the mass-circulation materials about those things being published today mention the Jews’ responsibility for them. The one exception, perhaps, is Solzhenitsyn’s treatment of the gulag system, but I’m not sure how many people have really read that. And even there one has to read between the lines to get the message…

It’s very frustrating. It’s as if the issues have been deliberately muddied, so people like me would have a hard time getting at the truth.

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