A body-snatched Spaniard, 9

What causes hatred of the West

On August 6, 2009 Teresa revealed her true colors. It escaped from her lips the utterance that she liked the current Moorish invasion of Spain to weaken the Roman Catholic Church. She further said that decades ago married women couldn’t get out of Spain without their husbands’ permission; that women didn’t reach voting age until their 21 years; and that they were as traumatized at forty or fifty as the Muslim women whose clitoris have been cut: something blatantly untrue, as it can be inferred from what I posted those months in the original incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour. Tere also said “Divide and conquer!” referring to dividing the Christian community to be able to conquer it.

It was pointless to discuss with her. It was all too clear that we were living in parallel universes. In Tere’s mind, hatred of the Old Spain is but a personal vendetta of how she was treated as a child. On the other hand, my preoccupation about the Islamization of Europe represented the most elemental wish of preserving white civilization. Since it’s so mean to elaborate a worldview on the basis of a personal vendetta—vendetta as women understand it!—, the parallel universes César/Tere never contacted each other: we were condemned to a colossal mutual hostility.

Since by August I still couldn’t get away from her, and since that very month she stayed in her Las Palmas flat and the harassment continued, I argued with her on the basis of the Lebanon experience. I told her that Gaddafi had said publicly that the Moors will conquer Europe thanks to massive immigration (just what happened in Lebanon). I told her that such immigration was a Trojan Horse in Europe’s soil. But between the Moors and the Christians, Tere, a Spaniard of Christian origin, seemed to prefer the Moors. During that evening, taking into account Tere’s obsession with Francoist Spain, I tried to convey the idea that by preferring Stalin over Franco, something that the Spanish republicans did in the 1930s, they had chosen a remedy worse than traditional religion. Tere responded that she wasn’t sure: that if Republican Spain had won, the outcome could have been something like Cuba. I responded that in Cuba the people are not allowed to leave the island, while even the political dissidents could leave Franco’s Spain. Tere argued that women could only leave the country with their husband’s permission, and that all invasions are morally wrong. I answered that it hadn’t been the same the Muslim invasion to India than the British one: the Muslim Invasion to India has been the bloodiest page of history. Tere replied that it was not the same epoch. I responded with the paradigm of Rome’s invasion to Carthage and the burning of Carthaginian children by their own parents, in order to demonstrate that it’s far worse being sacrificed to Moloch by one’s own parents than being defeated by the Romans.

Tere couldn’t reply to this argument and she went back to sleep. But the fact that I had to continue the discussion along the same wasted line only showed, once more, that Tere didn’t read my book; that she is a liar or that she “reads” books without registering their substance. Those arguments of mine had been plainly iterated in El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl. Tere had watched my YouTube video about the Carthaginian child sacrificed by their parents. This means she didn’t only read “in the dark” my book, which printed copy I had given to her: she had also ignored the substance of my ten-minute video.

In the mornings I used to take a cup of coffee in a shop. The Spanish coffee is delicious and I always asked the same “leche y leche”: a strong coffee with normal milk and also with condensed, sweetened milk. The female neighbor who talked to me about Tere once told me—:

“She is so wrong…!”

—when I told her that Tere loved immigration. Unlike Tere, who likes to read a lot, my friend was a pretty unsophisticated woman. But she was right.

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