A body-snatched Spaniard, 7

Diary of 30 July, 2009

The day past yesterday the stupid woman told me in her home that the West’s scum had conquered Australia. I responded that it was the same Black legend against Spain in the New World. She answered that it was evident that her country’s scum had gone to New Spain too.

I come here to my diary because this last anecdote reveals that Teresa is either (1) an evil person or that (2) she is completely crazy. She says that she read my book El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl from cover to cover. Good Lord!: What kind of reading could that possibly have been? Because of her comment it’s terribly clear what it means “reading in the dark”. Who cares that the good-natured Bernal Díaz del Castillo and company were commoners when the Mesoamerican Amerindians sacrified their own children? Tere has never, ever criticized these practices, which I mention ad nauseam in my book, or the Australian cannibals in spite of the fact that I talk about them since the Preface!

Incredible… For Tere’s twisted mind once Evil is located (Evil = The West), there’s no historical data that moves the believer to stop projecting her own childhood pathologies onto the external world. A couple of days ago, during an unfriendly discussion about Islam, I behaved as always: like a lamb, so as not to endanger my trip back to Mexico. But the interesting thing is that Tere, obviously a woman, sees no sin—not at all!—in what the Muslims do to their women despite of my numerous talks about honor killings, genital cutting, wife battering as the Koran stipulates…

She always relativizes. For instance, recently she showed me a newspaper article that compared a schizophrenic to an assassin. Since Tere knows that in my webpage I say that those diagnosed as schizophrenic are not more dangerous than sane people, without statistical basis she claimed it must be exactly the same—with Muslims! In other words: she’s under the impression that, if the papers publish a note about a forced marriage of a Muslim girl, it is simply because the press wants to demonize them! Without stats of any sort whatsoever she imagines that the criminality rates are the same between whites and Muslims. There’s no way that Tere can see what happens in the Muslim world even with hard data such as how women are treated in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

She always argues angrily, as if my stance pisses her off. She gave me an article about a Middle East affair—as if I wasn’t stuffed to the top with such kind of info for decades!

I have told her a thousand times that I know the leftist ways. I have told her a thousand times that the leftist ideology was my education both at school and in my immediate environment in Mexico. My testimony got into one of her ears only to get out from the other! It’s she the one who doesn’t want to read information that contradicts her. For example, Tere doesn’t want to read a book about Islam that has been translated to Spanish, a book I recommended her so much: Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept. Tere calls Bawer, a homosexual who fled the US in search for even more liberal cities like Amsterdam and Oslo, a facha (Spanish slang for fascist) only because he exposes the Islamization of Europe…

Teresa is a clinical case of the enemy within, a more serious enemy than Muslims.

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