A body-snatched Spaniard, 6

Teresa is a morruda woman: an old Canary word for “stubborn as a mule.” On July 12, 2009 Tere made a few phone-call confessions that confirmed my previous impressions. She told me: “I don’t care if society collapses.”

This is a great key to understand this woman. Some intuitive psychologists are saying that the motive of the leftists isn’t a magnanimous liberalism that looks after the welfare of everybody, but the destruction of the societies in which the leftists live.

The first intellectual that I read claiming this was Jean-François Revel, the well-known French polemicist, thanks to a visit he paid to Mexico City in 1990. I won’t enter into political detail. My goal is to analyze the pathology of leftist people on the basis of a new psychological model. Precisely because Tere recognizes that she hadn’t had, like I had in Mexico, “a golden stage”—these were her words: I wrote them down when she phoned me—, she didn’t suffer from any “longing” of remote happiness. But the crux came when she confessed she feels toward her society exactly what I feel toward my father: betrayal.

There’s the rub. This explains beautifully why Teresa hates the Old Spain in particular and the West in general. After the parental aggression, nobody in the Spanish society of the late 1960s and early 70s defended her. At twelve her father and mother beat Tere with a belt. The girl fell to the floor (a confessional YouTube video in which I recount how I was martyrized as a teen moved Tere to phone me and confess this that same day of July). Tere also witnessed how her cousin was beaten. And when Tere, the eldest of her siblings, wanted to become more independent her parents resorted to this method, the beatings. One day, in the family’s car, Teresa’s mother strongly grabbed her by the hair. During that phone call she confessed that a knot was formed in her throat when, by watching my videos, she remembered her own past. The videos triggered her memories and touched a raw nerve.

In the past my autobiographical confessions could be watched in thirty videos. An elemental question comes to one’s mind: Why did I react in a noble way before my trauma at home while other people react so ignobly, wishing that “everything collapses,” as Tere put it?

The key to understand it could be found in the words of Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for literature the very year that Paz invited Jean-François Revel to speak on the Mexican TV. Paz was a secular humanist but illuminated me by claiming, I believe in El Ogro Filantrópico, that the Mexican commies “voluntarily surrendered themselves to evil,” and that this old Christian term admirably explained their psychology.

Besides her incredible stubbornness, in the next entries we will see how Tere, instead of using her past suffering to redeem her soul, uses it to enter the dark side.

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