A body-snatched Spaniard, 5

Concrete block for a brain

The fuss that Tere raised through the months in which I lived in her flat had much to do with my concern about the Islamization of Europe. No matter how much I talked about the infamies in the Muslim world—female genital mutilation, honor killings (it’s not uncommon that Muslim parents kill a rebellious young daughter), the killing of the apostates who leave Islam, alarming polls on Muslims who want Koranic law throughout Europe and so on—, my words not only made no impression on her mind. Tere hardened her heart and gnashed her teeth against me. Before her eyes, Islam was as good or as bad as Christianity. In other words, Tere is a perfect example of one of the most serious aberrations of the West: cultural relativism.

I’ll abstain talking about relativism. I rather quote a commenter of Gates of Vienna. The following is a comment about the article “Leftist Lemmings”. Decatur said:

Laine is right about the concrete blocks these Leftists have as heads. Try as I might I simply cannot get past a certain point when attempting to understand precisely what it is that draws Left-wingers to support Islamists. I know women who have been active and committed feminists for over 40 years, but who still turn a blind eye to Islamic treatment of women. If I put forward an instance of oppression they retort with American oppression. This is as far as it goes, and eventually I’m met with obstinacy and a sullen silence. At this point I’m reaching for Laine’s hammer and nails!

But of course: neither Tere nor the women that Decatur mentions are willing to nail the most incisive facts into their minds. For example, Tere was absolutely dishonest with herself when I insisted to screw into her brains the realities of genital mutilation performed on Moorish teens. She simply talked about the abuses on Canary women—as if it were the same to castrate and kill them and what happens in her island!

In despair, I gave Tere the original Spanish, printed version of my El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl, which is being translated chapter-by-chapter in Gates of Vienna: a demolition of cultural relativism. What did Tere do? Repeatedly she told me she had read it.

She either lied to me or did a “reading in the dark.”

A few days after she claimed having read the book, Tere gave me several newspaper articles about relativism in Spain. I was astonished since Tere hadn’t said a word about my arguments throughout my book: arguments that precisely debunked the relativist stance. For instance, Tere didn’t say anything about the comparison I do of the traditions and costumes of the Aztecs vis-à-vis the Spaniards’ traditions and costumes. My most incisive nails didn’t enter into Tere’s hard mental system.

Before dying, Oriana Fallaci wrote a trilogy about the Muslim invasion that Europe has endured since the end of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st. Considering that Fallaci had been a extreme lefty journalist, she raised the question: Why do leftists side Islam?

In this series about another woman, Tere, whose concrete block for a brain doesn’t cease to surprise me, I’ll try to crack the cipher.

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