A body-snatched Spaniard, 3

After a few days of my arrival overseas Teresa welcomed me with the comment that she had felt ecstatic, making a face of ecstasy precisely, when she learnt about Al Qaeda’s attacks in New York, almost an existential orgasm. As I said, Spain in general and the Canary islands in particular were economically broke during my stay in Las Palmas. This meant that, having purchased only a round-trip ticket that only allowed me to stay a week in Spain, after the week passed I could use it no more to flee from her place. This meant nothing less that the person who had to pay my bills was someone I hated. Most frustrating was that, for political reasons, I could not transmit an iota of my real feelings to her. With the recession hitting Spain I had fallen into a grotesque state of dependency…

In those times I complained that the white people is becoming extinct. Thirty percent of the world’s population when my grandma was born. Now whites are half or less of it and the current trends continue for further dilution in a sea of the coloreds. Saying this openly over the internet, in addition to my Jeremiads against the Islamization of Europe, enraged Tere who uttered: “Races do not exist!”

Tere never married and she never talks about love. When I mentioned Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as one of my favorite films Tere said she disliked it because, according to her, it was a male chauvinist film. I annotated exactly what she told me in another occasion by the end of August of 2009: “I look at it [the family] as something always negative… I wish there’d be none.” I also annotated this other gem: “I abominate the family. I believe that the family is always harmful” (her emphasis).

Society doesn’t allow us to speak in harsh terms about our parents. I agree with her on this one. And I also agree that many families, although not all, are harmful. But Tere completely overstates her case, as we shall see.

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