A body-snatched Spaniard, 10

The Franco-reductionism

Like every leftist woman, Teresa delivers into what Orwell called “a memory hole” the substance of the argument of those concerned about the suicide of Europe. When she discovered yet another of my YouTube videos and sent me the most furious e-mails, I responded by posting an entry in my Spanish blog where I quoted the Spanish moderator of a TV internet program, which I now translate:

If for example I tell you that by the end of the century Europe will be Muslim, you will say: “Gimme a break. That’s impossible.” Well: I will ask our guests tonight because that could be the current tendency. Or that Europe dies—but literally, demographically; that the replacement rate is no more. That is to say: that Europe dies indeed. And Spain, perhaps, would be the paradigm.

Teresa doesn’t read English well, the language where one can find most info about this subject. Since she declined to read Bawer’s translated book, I linked the above Spanish program in an entry to make me feel a little better.

If Tere was a reasonable person, she’d have addressed the arguments and information of the intellectuals, especially what Florentino Portero said. What did Tere do? Under a sockpuppet, the next day she posted a comment typical of her way of thinking, transforming the debate into her Francoist obsession.

Months before Tere had amused me when I mentioned I was reading a book, Hernán Cortés, by Salvador de Madariaga: a very well known Spanish intellectual. In 1936 de Madariaga exiled himself in England after the Spanish Civil War broke, where he opposed the Francoist dictatorship. Tere did a cursory Google search and… she was already invalidating my reading of the Cortés with the argument that de Madariaga could be rightwing!

Just look the way leftist people think out. First, Tere places an author under a false category on the basis of a sloppy Google search. Then, based on that fallacious category, she further commits a fallacy upon another one: invalidating de Madariaga’s study on the Conquest of Mexico because the author was “rightwing.” In this way Tere dismissed a study about which she hadn’t read a single page! But let’s go back to Tere’s comment in my entry about Florentino Portero. Under the sockpuppet of Tsunami she wrote: “All they [Portero et al] had to add was: Hail Spain! Long live to Franco! For God’s empire!”

Tere’s Franco-reductionism doesn’t cease to surprise me but through the time I had to deal with her, she constantly did this sort of associations. The report of Portero’s think-tank group that Tere related to Franco was about (1) the Islamization of Europe, and (2) the demographic dilution of the native people. Taking a leap from the addressed subject in the video and the written report to something that was not even mentioned in passing, Francoism, speaks volumes about the mental universe in which Tere inhabits.

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