A body-snatched Spaniard, 12

Once fed up of Teresa’s phone-call harassment I put her a full stop. Then the harassment continued… through her e-mails.

The title of her 26 August e-mail reads: “Direct question,” and in the text she wrote: “Do you agree with using torture when this goes in accord to our interests or ideology?” Although I was fed up of her crazy phone calls (about which I’ll talk in another entry), because of my economic dependency I felt obliged to respond and I did it simply with a “Never.” Take note that at this point I had already asked Tere to stop pissing me off although I didn’t use any vulgarism. The next day Tere responded:

I asked that because, just as it happens when someone reads my experience in the [psychiatric] hospital and not only isn’t shocked, but doesn’t say a peep, that makes me think that she justifies what was done to me but doesn’t dare to tell me. When I gave you the article on torture (to willingly induce physical suffering is what most aversion causes me about human behavior) in Bush’s term (I believe it was titled “Bush’s Willing Torturers”) and asked you what do you think, you didn’t say a peep either. And that not only made me think that you weren’t shocked, but that you justified it.

This e-mail could seem reasonable if it came from a friend or an acquaintance for whom I felt, at least, some sort of affection. But at this point I didn’t want to see Tere even on photographs! I never paid attention whatsoever to any of the paper articles she gave me. Had Tere been a person with empathy, she would have immediately perceived my inner rejection of her since she celebrated anti-Western terrorism; the Islamization of Europe, or immigration in general. Every time that Tere visited Canaria was a nightmare. She gave me lots of far-leftist articles (I told her that, to me, all Spanish newspapers were far-left wing). Her behavior was such as if I wasn’t fed up of her leftist presses. It was surreal to shove under my nose for a billionth time the press that in Mexico I already knew all too well.

I told Tere she was a person with no empathy. That if she had empathy she would stop pissing me off; that she wouldn’t be so intromisive asking me stuff that I didn’t want to discuss. As I said at the beginning, Tere dismissed my analysis about her lack of empathy and turned around the blaming.

By August it was already months ago that I wanted sending her to fuck her mother (as we say in Mexico). However, the dependency dilemma continued: I couldn’t pay my ticket to cross over the Atlantic. I wished I could tell her everything that I am writing now, and much more since orgasmically she celebrated anti-Western terrorist acts. Had I got a return ticket by then, her anti-Western orgasm would have been enough to turn in that instant my back on her, returning to the American continent and never talk her again. But without a penny in my pocket the fear of homelessness compelled me to be kind to her. Thus, and against all of my will, I had to respond her second e-mail with these words: “I don’t justify torture. I never did.” This happened a month before another woman could finally afford my return ticket. Even at this point Tere didn’t seem to harbor the faintest idea that I felt an infinite repulsion toward her not only because of her political ideas, but because she was clueless that, by pretending to screw into my mind anti-Western ideas through phone calls, paper articles and unsolicited e-mails, my exasperation only grew exponentially.

I repeat that in this series I don’t want to discuss politics. It’s only a psychoanalysis of a leftist woman. But I do want to say that her accusation of Bush’s “tortures” only shows the enormous bias that the Spanish media suffers. Real tortures, not the humiliations that a few years ago we all saw on the first pages about the US prison in Iraq, are committed in those Muslim countries that Tere doesn’t dare to touch (even in Turkey, a nation that the crazy Europeans want to incorporate into the EU). Had I discussed with her I’d have fallen into a trap for the simple reason that in Mexico I had already read anti-Western literature. Yes: I know the leftists’ arguments! I said a trap because Tere should have read the material that fairly demystifies those accusations against Bush to enter into a reasonable debate with me. Bawer’s translated book that Tere didn’t want to open contains superb pages responding to the defamation in the European media against the US. And Bawer shouldn’t be taken lightly: he’s capable to read in half a dozen languages, and he’s an avid reader of the most diverse European presses, the Spanish included.

Although I purchased Bawer’s translation, Mientras Europa Duerme, in front of Tere the same day that I arrived to Madrid from Mexico, Tere didn’t purchase a copy for her throughout my staying in the Canary island. Had she been open minded, she could have tolerated reading for the first time of her life ideas coming from The Other. Conversely, the stupid excuse that she told me for not reading Bawer was that she had already read my excerpts of Oriana Fallaci’s trilogy, and that they failed to make any impression in her head (a concrete block of a head I would say).

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