March of the Titans (58)

Excerpted from chapter 58 of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp:

The White technological revolution

The world today is dominated by technology as never before. It is impossible to travel anywhere without seeing some vestiges of or manifestations of technological wizardry which have shaped all life on the planet today, particularly those innovations developed at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

While this fact is commonly known and countless books and works have been written on the subject, all have ignored one crucial feature of this astonishing technological revolution: the plain facts are that the great technological innovations which have set the pace for the entire world are exclusively the product of a tiny minority of Whites.

This fact, like so many other unpalatable truths in history, is ignored because of the political implications it carries: it is possibly the most politically incorrect view which can be made, although the facts leave any objective observer with no other option but to arrive at this inescapable conclusion.

[Kemp goes on to explain the origins of technology and science. He sketches the lives of dozens of white inventors and scientists, a long list from the ancient Greeks to the inventors of atomic power and computing, whose discoveries revolutionized the civilized world. He then mentions the NASA:]

It was during the era of the development of the Space Shuttle that it dawned upon the purveyors of political correctness that the entire space program—from scientists to astronauts—had been an exclusively White affair.

Objections were raised, first at the presence of some of Von Braun’s original team who were still alive (one was stripped of his American citizenship and deported back to Germany, nearly 40 years after he had been invited to America by the US government), and then against the fact that there were no Non-white astronauts. Giving in to political pressure, NASA then hunted down suitable non-White astronauts to fill a politically-demanded affirmative-action program.

Racial implications

As the reader can see, it is no exaggeration to say that there is almost nothing in any modern society which has not been invented by a member of the White race at some stage in history. It is truly no exaggeration to say that White technological know-how has physically shaped the very earth itself—this despite the Whites being an absolute minority of the globe’s population.

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