March of the Titans (10)

The following sentences from chapter 10 of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

Genesis of western thought – Classical Greece

• The Spartans strictly divided their society into three classes which were based solely on race. At the top were the Spartans, who were nearly all Nordic… Spartan laws dictated heavy penalties for celibacy and late marriage and exempted from taxes those who had more than four children… The Spartans are almost unique in that they did not disappear through racial integration, but rather through self-extermination in endless wars.

• The importation of slaves into mainland Greece from areas such as Asia Minor, North Africa and other parts of the Middle East continued unabated between the years 700-500 BC—which ultimately left its mark upon a significant section of the white population… Most present-day white Greeks have very little or no original classical Grecian blood in their veins.


I purposely excerpted just a couple of passages of this chapter in order to invite the reader to another chapter of another book about the racial decline of Greece: William Pierce’s Who We Are.

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  1. I can not believe how uneducated and backward Arthur Kemp is stating that not a drop of original ancient Greek blood remains in modern Greece.There are vast sections of the population that still exhibit nordic charecteristics you moron.Obviously Arthur Kemp has not been to Greece and gets his information from unreliable sources which include ethnographic dilletantes.Race is more than just blond hair. It is about culture,racial awareness and pride ,bone structure,mannerisms,eye color language, quisine etc.Also Ancient Mycenae was not destroyed by Dorian invaders but collapsed due to climactic changes which affected the economy coupled with earthquakes etc.Besides the Mycenaens were Dorians themselves.You really should learn history.Americans are so inferior and stupid that they assume too much without actually investigating a subject. They are not thinkers.If you want to know about the truth about the Greeks,read Richard Wagner and Nietzsche and Heideggar then you will understand that the Greeks were the peak of aryanism that will not be replicated again. Also Joseph Goebbells commented after the Greek defeat of Italy that the Greeks still posessed the old nordic genes within them and that the Greeks were always the stock from which aryanism evolved.Arthur Kemp is just one more of those envious nordicists who seek to divide the European races.As for this Aryan,you have completely lost my support.

    • You are really an idiot. All anti-nordicists are idiots. You have not even read Kemp’s book. Had you read it you would know that he puts pics of blonde girls of today’s Greece. It’s really a waste of time trying to discuss with someone who has not read this book or my posts about anti-nordicism in my main blog.

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