#1 book in my list

“The death of Nazi Germany was the death of Western man and everything he once stood for.”

The most relevant information I have found in my adult life is the discovery that the System lied to me through the decades about what really happened during and after the Second World War. After reading this book I’ll never tire to repeat that what the Allies did in times of peace was incomparably more monstrous than the crimes attributed to the Germans in times of war—precisely because it was done in times of peace.

After Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago was published when I was a teenager W.L. Webb said, “To live now and not to know this work is to be a kind of historical fool.”

I would say exactly the same of those who don’t know the new Solzhenitsyn and his work about the Crime of the Age: a true holocaust perpetrated against the German people that, if not atoned, the whole white race will go extinct.

For excerpts of Hellstorm see below:

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  1. (link)

    That sums it up very nicely.

    Chechar, if you feel this comment should appear elsewhere, please feel free to shift it.

    • As far as I know WordPress does not allow me to relocate comments.

      It’s fine here anyway. Thanks for the link. Have you seen my latest WDH entry?:

  2. At the time I did not, but I am just now in the process of reading it. As I have not finished I can’t really comment. So far I gather it is on the subject of “jewish monocausalism”.

    I don’t want to judge really as both sides have an argument. My general feeling is that you underestimate the jewish cause. While it is certainly true that whites are far from perfect and definitely do “have a screw loose”, it is only through the active employment of that very “screw” by the jews that the damage to us has been done. As for your example of the muslims, well they just don’t have that particular “screw” loose (but a host of others). Others have stated (in reference to us Germans) that our “screw” is (undiscriminating, i.e. running amok) morality or even hypermorality. I would thus assume that this trait extends more or less throughout the white population as it is probably based on genetics. So that might be the “screw” you are looking for. If so then we must live with it, and our only remedy might be to develop a set of behavioral codes that prevent our ingrained morals from harming ourselves.

    • Once you finish the reading you can comment in that post of WDH. When you finish it perhaps you’ll see that Sunic and I don’t underestimate the Jewish Problem; we just have a much broader perspective than the average, provincial white nationalist. Curiously, if you read Hitler’s Table Talks you’ll see also that our position is far closer to Hitler’s than the so-called neonazis in today’s world. The fact is that Hitler, in private, blamed more Christianity than Jews for our woes!

      • Oh yes Christianity certainly deserves a lot of blame. I sometimes, however, do wonder whether it was not modified to accommodate for whites’ morality. But I am definitely no expert on Christianity, so this is at best a guess. As for Hitler’s position on this matter: perhaps he underestimated the jews? After all, he did loose the war.

        Generally speaking I believe us Whites have a multitude of faults (in the context of todays situation, perhaps traits would be a better word), which can be activated / damped / exploited by circumstances/ideologies etc. Then due to a particular set-up even without any jewish involvement there will be occasional instances where we damage our own interests. In other cases very craftily the jews bring about such a set-up or push us into the required direction. Our todays catastrophic situation would be mainly due to the latter in my estimate. Please note I don’t want to argue here. I might be wrong. It is just how I feel.

        In any case, since our traits are determined genetically there is not much we can do about them (except theoretically breed them out over generations). Leaves not much except the jews to change our lot.

      • And now I have posted an even more incisive entry on the issue at WDH. Surely it will infuriate a lot of them…

  3. Thank you, I just listened to the author’s podcast on CC.

    You should interview him for your blog, that would be fascinating.

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